Subjects Offered

Subjects offered in 2021/2022 

English Language
@Chinese Language
#Mathematics Extension M1 (Calculus and Statistics)
#Mathematics Extension M2 (Algebra and Calculus)
Liberal Studies
Citizenship and Social Development
Hong Kong Society
Chinese History
Computer Literacy
Computer Literacy (STEM)
Information and Communications Technology
#Life and Society (Economics)
#Science (Physics) / Physics
#Science (Chemistry) / Chemistry
#Science (Biology) / Biology
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
Life Education
Home Economics
Physical Education (DSE)
Physical Education
Visual Arts (DSE)
Visual Arts
Form Teacher Period
Number of classes6*6*6*544
*School-based 6 classes each in S1, S2 and S3
#EMI enhanced in some classes/forms/groups
@Putonghua adopted in teaching Chinese Language in some classes/forms