Development & Achievements


In this digital age, the Internet abounds in knowledge. While the opportunities to engage in English learning easily present themselves on different platforms like mobile apps, how to make good use of those resources has become an earnest concern for educators.

On top of the great effort in motivating students to learn the language via e-learning tools, the English Department is taking the plunge by revamping the school-based curriculum. In such a tailored study programme, an array of meaningful and purposeful homework and lesson preparation worksheet stimulate students’ interest, steer them towards success in learning and help teachers track the learning progress and cater for each individual’s need. Equally important is that we now encourage more students to take part in external competitions and inter-school functions. While it may be the first time for some of our students who’ll join the overseas study tour to set foot on a foreign soil, we’ll extend students’ perspective in inter-school activities and competitions like the English debating competitions. When given a chance to shine on stage, students will reap the benefit of truly experiencing the use of language.

English Corner
  • Meeting of debating club members (junior forms) at the English Corner

    Welcome to our newly renovated English Corner! We are thrilled to announce that we are now officially open! We have orchestrated a host of new activities for students to enjoy throughout the year. Do you want to listen to your favourite singer? No problem! Come along on Tuesdays to listen to your favourite tunes! Did you miss the latest blockbuster in the cinema? No problem! Come along on Thursdays to watch it with your friends! These are only a few of the activities you can enjoy. Want to find out more? Don’t be shy and come along and find out for yourself!
English Debating Club
  • Debating Competition taken place

    Challenging as it seems, debating bears an aim to motivate students to think, write and talk in a purposeful context. In debating, students will learn from researching, reasoning and constructive feedback from teachers. Besides, debating also helps hone students’ cognitive skills, enhance their language abilities, and expand their language repertoire.
Fast Forward Intervention Programme
This programme has adopted and adapted a series of fictions and non-fictions in the junior curriculum, aiming to enrich students’ reading experience while boosting their vocabulary. Simplified texts encourage our young learners to connect to their own experience of the world more easily, therefore progressively equipping them with essential reading skills.