Sports and Arts
The massive grassland in our unique school campus offers unparalleled condition for the school to promote diversified and characteristic co-curricular activities, such as archery, tree-climbing and golf, athletics and rugby. Students can choose their own co-curricular activities according to their attributes. “One Sports/Arts in Life” Scheme, “One Student One Club” Scheme and “One Student One Service” Scheme are implemented in order to provide a variety of OLE opportunities for students to develop their potentialities and strengthen their self-confidence and sense of belonging towards the school.

It is hoped that with well-equipped athletic facilities and the professional guidance of Mr. Ho Kwan Lung (Panel Head of the PE Department, former Hong Kong men's 100m Sprint record holder) and Mr. Au Yeung Ka Kui (former Head Coach of Hong Kong Athletics Team, students’ potentialities in sports can be fully exerted.

Characteristic co-curricular activities

Outstanding Alumni
  • Mui Ching Yeung (2011/12 Graduate)

    - Former Hong Kong Junior 110m Hurdles Record Holder
    - Former Hong Kong Men’s 110m Hurdles Record Holder
    - Hong Kong Athletics Team Member

  • So Chun Hong (2011/12 Graduate)

    - Bronze medalist of Men's 4x100m Relay
      in the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014
    - Hong Kong Athletics Team Member