STEAM Education
School Based STEAM Curriculum

To align with the direction of promoting innovation and technology in Hong Kong's future development, our school offers school-based STEAM courses from Secondary 1 to Secondary 3. The courses cover emerging technology learning elements such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 3D design, laser engraving and cutting, VR/AR Metaverse, and robotic arm programming. We promote STEAM education in a popularized, interesting, and diversified way to enrich students' learning experience and cultivate innovative and technological talents.

The STEM Fair

The “STEM Fair for Primary Schools in North District” was successfully held on 3 December 2022. The theme of this year was “STEM for All” and a wide range of activities was held including Maglev Train Design Competition, 11 STEM workshops (including 1 online workshop), 6 game booths, 3 extraordinary sports experiences, Secondary 1 admission talks and guided tours.

The STEM Fair aims at enriching students’ knowledge in STEM, developing their innovative and problem-solving skills as well as nurturing their maker spirit. Through these diversified learning activities, participated students work collaboratively, share ideas, learn from each other, integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in their designs.


The massive grassland in our unique school campus offers unparalleled condition for the school to promote drone flying. More and more students enjoy drone flying as part of their other learning experiences.