School Facilities

Our campus is the largest among schools in Kowloon and New Territories.  Apart from standard facilities, we have a sports ground with a 400m running track, several soccer pitches, volleyball courts, basketball courts, golf driving ranges and triple jump pit areas. As our campus is scenic and surrounded by green, it becomes a good location for educational visits and film shooting.

Jockey Club Fung Kai Indoor Swimming Complex

An indoor swimming complex with heated pools is expected to be completed by 2020. There will be a main pool, a preparation pool, spectator stands, fitness rooms and a café. 

Tartan running track and triple jump pit areas

A 5-lane 125m Tartan running track was built with the generous support of Fung Kai Public School, Project WeCan, Wheelock & Company Limited, Fung Kai affiliated schools, parents and alumni.

Sports Facilities
  • Discus Throw Training Zone

  • Golf Driving Ranges

  • Soccer Pitches

  • Basketball Courts

  • Golf Driving Ranges

  • Archery Ranges

  • Tree-Climbing Zone

English Corner

English Corner provides a cozy and language-rich environment for self-access learning. English newspapers, novels, reference books, supplementary exercises and English movies are available and students can conduct e-Learning and group discussion in the English Corner .

  • An English Corner has been set up to create a rich English language environment for students.

Information Technology

To promote IT teaching, there are Multi-Media Learning Centre (MMLC)and Information Technology Learning Centre (ITLC) in our school. Overhead projectors have been installed in each classroom to strengthen the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

  • Multi-Media Learning Centre (MMLC)

  • Information Technology Learning Centre (ITLC)

Reading and study zones

There is a reading zone in the covered playground and a study zone outside the library for students’ use.

Changing Rooms