Student Union
  1. To strengthen the sense of affiliation.
  2. To unite students in achieving autonomy among students.
  3. To promote the welfare for fellow students.
  4. To help the school in promoting whole-person development.
  5. To enhance the communication with the school and among fellow students.
  6. To nurture committee members’ leadership qualities.

幹事名單 (2023/2024度) - VOICE

會長5A 林子灃
副會長5B 孫聖汶
副會長5A 黃愷情
文書4A 詹慧麗
財政5A 張瀚霖
財政5A 張愷倫
學術4A 李婉君
學術3D 莊雪兒
康樂5A 李樂軒
康樂4C 吳沁怡
總務(I.T.)5E 鐘尹均
總務2A 張梓霖
總務4A 姚子麟