Bring Their Own Devices – Paradigm Shift in Learning and Teaching

To echo with government policies and advocations, eLearning has been adopted for in all our junior form students. Necessary hardwares have been installed and indispensable training has been provided to teachers.

About the plans and details

In this academic year, eLearning is adopted in major subjects for all junior form classes including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, History, Chinese History, Geography and Hong Kong Society. Students have to bring their own mobile devices with e-textbooks installed. E-materials and e-platforms are utilized to make learning and teaching more interactive. Students’ self-regulated learning is also promoted.

eClass and Google Classroom are the two major platforms adopted for the students to undergo eLearning. Various subject-based eLearning activities and tasks are designed for the students such as forum discussion, voting, oral practices, audio-video taping, drilling exercises and many more.
Through all these task and activities, it is expected that students’ self-motivated learning can be promoted and learner diversity can be catered for.

Flipping Classroom – Students’ Learning Autonomy

To “flip the classroom so as to promote students’ learning autonomy, our teachers are dedicated to preparing videos for lesson preparation and also lesson consolidation. The videos are dispatched to the students on some eLearning platforms and the students’ engagement and progress are closely monitored and evaluated. Moreover, students will also be benefited from teachers’ immediate feedback.