England Study Tour

Liverpool Study Tour 2019

Lu Rou-lan, Joyce (5A)

I feel very lucky to have been chosen to join this Liverpool study tour this year. I was able to expand my horizons and increase my understanding of British culture. For example, the British eating habits and their lifestyles are very different from us. Also, the British people are very friendly by nature and most would give us a smile and even some greeted us with “Ni-hao.” That was particularly amazing and it made me feel more at home.

I love Britain very much. The air is always so fresh and clean and Liverpool city is full of culture. The buildings are grand and historic, I especially enjoyed looking at the Walker Art Gallery, the building is beautiful and majestic. We took a group photo outside the gallery and it is one of my favourites. I have never come across seagulls before until I arrived in Liverpool and often there would be seagulls flying over our heads. They are never afraid of anyone! It was a pretty amazing experience for me.

In my daily lessons I made friends from Italy and Spain. We learnt about each other’s cultures and chatted in English. Even though we are from different countries, we learnt that we shared some common hobbies. We liked reading, listening to music and a fellow student even shared the same love for cats as I do!

One of my most enjoyable experiences was chatting with my host father, Alan. He is a very humorous and a kind person. He understood that my English ability is not very good so he would use simpler English and body language to aid our conversations. He also gave us good tips on where to shop and eat around Liverpool. Before we left, he had praised us on our polite manners and we hope to be pen pals in the future.

Oxford Study Tour 2018

Lau Tin Lam, Miko

From 30/6 to 16/7, we had fun in the Oxford Study Tour. It was a very good experience for me to improve my English speaking and listening skills. If I have a chance of joining study tour again, I will also select the UK.

Personally, this study trip was very good because I have learned a lot of things. By visiting numerous historical buildings like Oxford Castle, Warwick Castle and Westminster Abbey, I have learnt more about history and taken a lot of photos. We all love these historical buildings. Those are magnificent. They are different from Hong Kong’s high-rise buildings. I love Oxford very much. It was a great place to visit. In this tour, I learnt many things such as some new vocabulary and slangs, which are very useful in my life.

I have some memorable moments. Every day, my host, Hana came and talked with my roommate and me. She was so nice and caring. She is like my elder sister. I will never forget her. On the last day, I burst into tear on the coach after saying goodbye to her.

Chen Jiexi Jason

This is my first time travelling abroad. What an interesting and exciting experience! When arriving at the UK, I got a little jet lag and missed my family with mixed feeling. Then, I met my host family in Oxford. Their passion really saved me and gave me warmth. They were nice and often helped us solve problems. They cooked some delicious national food like curry. 

What’s next, the tour leader was very kind. We followed her with local guide to visit the town in Oxford. The view was spectacular. It was my luck to visit the ancient library, traditional colleges, huge museums with numerous valuable exhibits and so on. The Oxford Castle & Prison is the most impressive one. That used to be a place for prisoners. Out of my expectation, the living conditions of the prisons were terribly poor. However, London impressed me a lot. What an excellent city! We even went to the Buckingham Palace. It is so grand!  

In this tour, we had a good time living with teammates. For me, the golden moment was the time we took an adventure for Photos Orientation Challenge around Oxford city. We worked together to finish the missions on the list. That was interesting and meaningful. By completing these missions, we could know more about the culture of the U.K. and improved our communication skills.

I love Oxford. If I can visit here again, I will be the guide to take my family for sightseeing.